Narra Thai Case Study - AGENCY 18


Web Development

Maggie, the owner of Narra Thai, reached out to us to help her get her business back up and running. During discovery we found out popular dishes to feature on the home page and that she had no tracking or visibility over her previous site.

It was here we established our vision to build a site that would give Maggie the flexibility to manage her own content while still giving her visibility over her orders, and income via the ordering portal.

Design was a key aspect to this project as our objective was to generate as many orders as possible. We prototyped some concepts and came up with a simple conversion focused website that doubles up as a landing page for her take away business and restaurant.

We had 2 design iterations with two completely different concepts. The first focused on the restaurant being the primary function with a take away option added on the menu of the site. This didn’t give us the flexibility we needed. Instead we opted for 2 key landing pages that we cal alternate as the home page.

This means during Covid-19, Maggie can position her business as a take away service and after, can focus on being a restaurant again while still offering take away.

We developed the website on the WordPress content management system. We chose WordPress for its user friendly back end so Narra could easily update the site but also because WordPress gave us the freedom to easily integrate our booking system.

For the booking system we needed something simple and cost effective. We decided to integrate with FlipDish for our orders. This was the quickest and easiest way for Maggie to get trading again but more importantly they offered great features and SMS marketing support.

Step 1: We check to see if the site is fully functioning. Are there any broken links, spelling mistakes or broken forms.

Step2: We make sure the site is loading as it should across all devices so that it looks pixel perfect all of the time.

Step 3: We run search tests to make sure the site is in fact ranking high for the relevant search terms.

Step 4: We deploy the site after it gets approved on the test server and we hand over the keys.