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Moment of discovery

People have always come to Instagram to shop and discover new products

We help reduce the amount of steps it takes to make a sale by setting up and optimising your Instagram store for you.

For businesses, Instagram shopping posts are a great way to showcase your catalog and drive sales. For creators and influencers, it opens up a world of opportunity to promote products from brands you partner with.

Promote your products through your channel
An Instagram Store is a great way to promote your products without over promoting.
130 million people engage with IG stores

Every month, 130 million people tap on an Instagram shopping post — showing just how strong the appetite for social shopping is.

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Octopus T-shirt


Quality products

A quality image is the lifeblood of your business. Have a store on Instagram today

Great product photography and strong imagery is essential of you want to make a success of your business. Instagram has no shortage of great quality content so it’s important to consider that when launching an IG store.

Another thing to consider is not just posting an image of your product. Instead share a lifestyle image of someone wearing or using your product and tag your product in the catalog instead. 

Sell more on Instagram

See what we do for you to have an Instagram store

Setting up an Instagram store is a multistep process that requires planning if you want it to be used by your customers. Like an eCommerce website, it needs to be optimised if you want customers to buy from you.

An Incredible Way to Boost Site Traffic

By simply having an Instagram store your followers will be intrigued about what other products you have on your website.
We customise your store according to your company profile
Designing your store feed to match your brand look and feel.
Relevant content with complete information
We match posts with content and product descriptions
Live Shopping

Start tagging products when you go live on Instagram.

Shopping Tags

Tag products on your feed posts to make them more discoverable.

Create collections to showcase products by category.
A complete store

Have a real Instagram store and make your customers buy directly through Facebook Pay

There is a lot to be said for letting your customers checkout directly on Instagram. It reduces the number of steps required by the customer to make a purchase which will increase your overall number of sales.

The same principles are applied to eCommerce stores around the globe. The key difference here is that you don’t need to send traffic from social media to your store. They can checkout right there on Instagram.

Product Launches

The product launch feature allows you to tag and build awareness around products that will become available for purchase in the future.

Checkout on Instagram

Not available in every country yet, but checking out directly on Instagram will increase your conversion rate.

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