Joe's Salads

Joe’s Salads is a small salad bar based in Dublin. Chris came to us looking for a unique, colourful and punchy brand and site design for his new business. Joe’s Salads needed to offer online ordering and click and collect so that they could continue to stay open throughout Covid 19.


Joe’s Salads was a new business and they needed new website that matched the vision they had for their brand. We sat down with Chris and the team to understand their story and put together a brand bible that set us up for success when building their new website.

Objective 1 | Design a clean, modern click and collect website that shows off their new punchy and vibrant brand without sacrificing user experience and maximising online sales.

Objective 2 | Build a highly functional order management system which retains usability and allows them to scale to multiple locations in the future.

Objective 3 | Ensure SEO and analytics are in place to maximise rankings and to help monitor campaign effectiveness.


As there was no website or brand in place when Joe’s Salads came to us, we needed to start by building some brand guidelines. We chatted with the team and got an insight into their target market and designed a bright and energetic brand to focus the business around.

We were working within a tight deadline, so we opted to bring in a third party order management system in Flipdish. Flipdish have been working with restaurants for years offering an easy to use order management system in exchange for a small commission. 

Finally we got to work creating and sourcing content for the site. The business was brand new so we didn’t have any existing content to pull inspiration from. We set up a photoshoot, got some great content and wrote SEO optimised copy for the entire site.

The Process

Having re-designed hundreds of websites over the years and many being in a similar situation, we have developed a simple process that each of our website projects follow.

01. Design interview

We need to get to the bottom of who you are, what you stand for and who you stand beside. Only then can we begin to create a design that portrays the value you offer in a way that resonates with the people who matter: the people you want to do business with.

02. Design presentation

Three new design concepts will be designed. Naturally there will be a common theme but we try to think outside the box and come up with something that isn't obvious. These is often where the best ideas come from. We'll go through these options and decide which direction to take and any adjustments.

03. Website content

Now we have your design locked-in, we can begin to construct the website. Our copywriter will be in touch with you to help put your ideas down through the "voice" of your new brand.
Any photos will need to be gathered at this stage.

04. Website build

Using everything we've gathered, your website is built. Once it's done, we'll present it to you and go through the details in accordance with the objectives originally set.
Any amends that are needed will be made at this stage so it's important to double check that you are happy with everything.

05. Launch

The launch process is a carefully considered one. We need to ensure email addresses don't go down, the site doesn't have any downtime, any old links are re-directed to the new pages and several other things.
Don't worry, this is something we've done hundreds of times before.

06. Check-in

About 6 weeks after your site is live, we always check in with you to make sure everything is operating as it should be. There are a lot of moving parts and after some use, you might find something would be better slightly differently.You can flag this with us then.

AGENCY 18 are efficient, friendly with a real eye for detail. They were extremely professional and our website was done with incredible efficiency, and highly creative design. Would highly recommend and will certainly use again.

Chris Parrott, Owner @ Joe's Salads

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