RoundTable Case Study - AGENCY 18


Website Development

After sitting down with Ber to discuss her business and asking a few probing questions, we determined that the key objectives were to be an authority in their industry, build on their existing strong brand and generate more leads for their business.

Their existing website had no lead capture functionality and relied entirely on people contacting them directly through a phone number on the contact us page. We were determined to fix this.

It was also important to Ber and her team that the Roundtable brand would shine through on the new site. We took this and ran with it to create a distinctive and unique background that their users would recognise. We also featured the circular design in different elements throughout the site to create a consistent brand.

Increasing conversions was a primary objective for Roundtable. To do this we added a call to action in the menu and made it follow the user around the site. This meant that the user always knew how to click for more information, resulting in more leads for Roundtable.

As our objective with Roundtable was to increase conversions the site needed to be fast, responsive and trackable. This meant that the site would load on all devices, quickly and let us know when someone got in touch.

We installed Google Analytics and Facebook tracking so all our future marketing campaigns could be tracked to measure the return on ad spend (ROAS).

Last but not least we wanted Roundtable to be found when people searched for their services. To ensure this we deployed a complete SEO package at the development stage to make sure that their site is loved by all major search engines.

Step 1: We check to see if the site is fully functioning. Are there any broken links, spelling mistakes or broken forms.

Step2: We make sure the site is loading as it should across all devices so that it looks pixel perfect all of the time.

Step 3: We run search tests to make sure the site is in fact ranking high for the relevant search terms.

Step 4: We deploy the site after it gets approved on the test server and we hand over the keys.