How to Turn Your Restaurant Into a Top Class Takeaway Business

Chinese take away boxes

Running a business in the midst of a worldwide pandemic isn’t easy, but when you’re a restaurant business and you can’t open your doors for your regular customers, everything becomes that much harder. 

The only way for restauranteurs to keep their business ticking over whilst the world is advised to stay home is to turn your restaurant business into a takeaway. It makes perfect sense – people are home, they’re missing your delicious food, and the best way to give them what they want is to take it to their door. 

That’s shrewd business thinking and will help you keep your profits ticking over until the situation improves, whilst also spreading the word about your business at the same time. 

So, how do you make the switch?

The overall change is pretty easy. Firstly, you need to have delivery drivers, so you need to  advertise for workers who are suitable and have their own transport. You also need to make sure that you have the right amount of staff in your kitchen to be able to deal with takeaway orders, whilst ensuring that they have the right protective clothing and that they’re adhering to social distancing as much as they can. Of course, you also need to have packaging in which to transport your takeaway orders. 

These are the basics to cover, but they’re also the easiest part of the puzzle. 

Spreading the Word

The most complex and important part is getting the word out there and marketing your new  takeaway option.

Without a doubt, you need a website. Firstly, you can show visitors your menu and get their taste buds salivating, but you can also utilize your website to receive orders via the online medium. This is far more convenient and easier for you and your customers, and allows you to receive payment for your orders instantly, via credit or debit card payments online. This also cuts down on the amount of contact your delivery drivers need to have with residents, which may make them feel safer. 

If you don’t currently have a website, that’s your first starting point, and if you do have one, you need to update it to include your takeaway options and install a method of ordering. If you don’t want to do online orders and you want to stick to regular telephone methods, you still need a website to show people what you have on offer. 

Website design can be tricky if you have no idea where to start and in that case, consider hiring a freelancer to help you out with this side of your new development plan. 

Market Your Services

The next step is to market your takeaway services. Social media, flyers, word of mouth, and a large banner outside your restaurant are ideal ways to get the word out to existing and new customers. You could also think about offers for their first order, e.g. get 10% of your next order, etc. 

Making the switch over to offering a takeaway service can be easily managed with planning but you should also look into Government funding options that may help you out during these difficult times, such as the Trading Online Voucher

With careful planning and a new marketing buzz, your new takeaway will be off the ground in no time!

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