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Super Chat & Super Stickers

Super Chat is essentially a comment that is pinned and highlighted in your live stream chat. The duration and colour will depend on the monetary amount of the Super Chat.

Not only is Super Chat a great way to start communicating more with your audience and letting them be heard but of course you can also use it to increase your revenue. 


When enabling Super Chats on your channel for the first time it’s very important to make sure that you introduce it to your audience. This will help with donations and lets you control the narrative around using it.


Live streams

Super Chat is a feature you can enable during Live Streams to increase donations from followers in exchange for being seen by you, the creator.


Interactive chats

It allows your audience to interact more with you as a creator and helps build stronger connections with your followers.


Receive from Followers

Super Chats are donations from your followers so it’s important to remember to thank them for their generosity and acknowledge their support.

Encourage More Visits To Your Channel

Earn money by creating daily videos for your channel

This is a lot of work but posting daily gives you the best chance at increasing your views and subscriber count, which increases revenue.


Recording content every day is challenging which is why we aim to free up your time and help you edit and share your content.

Promote your products through your channel

Having a merchandise store and promoting it through your channel is one of the best ways to monetise.

Let your customers be inspired by your products

If you’re using certain products you love, share an affiliate link to let your audience buy them too.

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Monetize your channel

We help you have a solid channel and generate monthly revenue

YouTube without revenue is just a hobby. If you are not monetising your channel correctly you are loosing money and potentially missing out on life changing income.


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Recipe to generate Income

Stimulate your audience and start generating revenue on Youtube

The most popular way to generate revenue on Youtube is through Ads. This works by increasing the number of views on your videos and companies then pay Google to run ads on your content. The better the video, the more ad revenue you will earn.

Core content

This should be strategic and relevant to your audience.

Youtube-specific seo

Make sure you are optimising your content for YouTube

Attractive thumbnail

Think of your Thumbnail as the store front of your content.

Google Trends

Google Trends can help you think of relevant content ideas.

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