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Stories can accelerate weekly new subscriber count by 8.5%

Looking for a fun, easier way to reach your audience in between uploads? YouTube Stories are short, mobile-only videos that allow eligible creators with 10,000 subscribers or more to connect with their community more casually, in the moment and on the go. Making a story is easy and is similar to Instagram but, they can be time consuming to get right. 

Share texts, images, polls and interact more with your followers

It’s a great way to connect with your existing audience and reach a new subscribers in between uploads.

Expand your activities by increasing the time users spend on your channel

You get out of it what you put into it. Being more active and spending more time on your channel will help you grow.

Attract more customers with targeted content

Expand your reach

We get new people who don’t follow your channel to start getting interested in you

This is the hardest part about being a creator on YouTube. Reaching new people and getting them interested in your content.

Respond and interact with your followers

We’ll help you respond and interact with your followers, giving you back more time to focus on content.

Bring your products closer to your followers

Working on a brand deal? Your stories can give you better metrics to win even better deals.


We create and share stories

Simply send us your video content and we’ll edit together show stopping stories for you.

Main Objective

Get more visibility

More visibility on your brand means more views and more subscribers.

Why short videos?

Get more traffic on your channel by delivering your content in new ways

All social media platforms reward creators for taking advantage of the latests features. YouTube stories is no different By posting stories for your audience on a regular basis you will stay connect with them on a more personal level more frequently.  

Here are some things to keep in mind with Stories:

  • Stories are on mobile only and appear on the Stories tab of your channel page.
  • They can also show to subscribers on the Subscriptions feed, and on Home and under videos to new viewers who we think might be interested in your content.

We add filters, music, text and stickers to your Stories

By applying this high level of production to your stories we can show your audience you are a serious creator.

Do you want to know how to implement this function in your channel?

If you have 10k subscribers or more and want to learn more about Stories we would love to talk to you.

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